Indialantic Fl..   A customer of mine called Allstone Terrazzo. To come in their home, and restore their 1,600 square foot terrazzo floor. This terrazzo floor was stained yellow, had tile chiped up at the entry of the floor. Had divots, few cracks alone the way. As i sat with the heavy grinding, and used our stain removel. Repaired the divots with matching chips and epoxy. The floor was starting to take shape. As i continue with stain removel, i ground the terrazzo floor up to a high hone finish. Polished and sealed. The terrazzo floor look brand new with a super high shine!  My customer was very pleased with my work. Thats what Terrazzo Joe loves to do. Is to please people with his work.  CALL ALLSTONE TERRAZZO for your FREE ESTIMATE!  321216 6125..


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