Here is a small job in Indian Harbor Beach. A previous customer, had Terrazzojoe come back out to take care of and redo her shower tiles. As  you can see in the pictures. TerrazzoJoe, tore her shower tiles completely out, and old insulation. As well as knocking down the drop down ceiling, to make a taller shower. Installed new shower valve. Also built a recessed niche. We put back new insulation board back on exterior wall.  Then closed it all in with cement board. Taped and skim coated all the seams. Rolled 2 coats of our water barrier on.  Then began with tile and boarder. With window 2cm granite sill and niche sill.  She was very happy!! Beautiful shower!   ALLStone can convert tub into stand up showers. CAll for free estimates.. 321 216 6125..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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